Cash For Unwanted Gold and Silver

Hands with Cash for Gold and Silver

What we buy:

We buy Gold, Silver and Platinum such as scrap Jewelry, Gold Bars and coins, Gold watches, Dental Gold, Nuggets, Silverware, Silver Coins.

How we buy:

There are different ways to tell if your gold is fake, but they may not give such a clear result.

  • Look at the color: The deeper the orange-yellow color, the higher the karat.
  • Weight of the item: Too light indicates it's been adulterated with a lesser metal. Gold is heavy. You can feel the weight of it in your hand. Be suspicious if an object is lightweight. Gold-plated items may fool you by looking like solid gold until you judge their weight.
  • Sound quality: Pure gold has a distinct acoustic signature.
  • Malleability: Pure gold is a very soft metal and will dent easily. A gold-plated item and fake gold items will be harder because they have been crafted from tougher base metal.
  • Use a magnet: Gold is not attracted to a magnet; a reaction indicates iron is present.
  • Check the hallmark: Are the assay marks clear and from a country you trust? On real gold, a hallmark should clearly show the year and location of the assay test center. Consult reference books to confirm that you have a genuine hallmark. Be aware that on older or well-worn pieces, the hallmark may be illegible or missing.
  • Acid Test: Nitric acid is used to test the purity of gold objects. Gold is the only metal that is dissolved by this acid. A tiny scrape of the gold item is placed on a touchstone. Nitric acid reacts when brushed onto real gold and you will see fizzing if your gold jewelry is genuine. A retail metal testing kit consists of several different strengths of acid solution. The different levels of nitric acid enable you to test for different karat numbers. So with the different kind of acid ,we can find out the carat of gold.
  • What we Pay : After we find out the carat of your gold, we weight them with standard scale and depend on market price we estimate the value of your items and pay Cash.