Need More Cash For Christmas Shopping?

Are you running low on cash for your Christmas shopping?

Golden Star Jewellery can help you convert old unwanted jewellery and unused valuables into cash.

 Here are some suggestions to help boost your cash flow this festive season.

■ Sell your broken bracelets, chains, rings and any unwanted jewellery or nuggets. It’s never been worth more money than now because Golden Star Jewellery has created a market in which you can sell your old valuables and get paid properly. Selling your estate jewellery is not an everyday experience but it’s an adventure that will allow you to learn some new skills, like how to evaluate jewellery and become a wise buyer.

■ Sell your gold crowns and other dental restorations. Maybe you have old dental restorations (crowns, bridges and partials) tucked away in a box or a drawer. If you do, you might be surprised to learn that the precious metal content they contain can make them valuable.

■ Get top dollar for your coin and bullion. Whether you’re looking for the value of your coins, need to know if your coins and bars are real, or you just need to liquidate your coin collection, Golden Star Jewellery can help you. If you have any gold coins from any origins or any dates, you could get cash for your Christmas shopping. Golden Star buys any Canadian coins from 1967 and earlier and any US coins from 1964 and earlier.

■ Cash for your silverware. Let us help you turn old gifts into new ones by selling us your unused or unwanted items – like silverware! Have you inherited a silverware set, passed down from generation to generation? Do you find yourself looking at your ‘good silver utensils’ and wondering when you might use them again? We’re looking for brands such as Birks, Ellis, Heirloom, English Hallmarked, International, Wallace, Gorham, Northumbria, and many more popular silver patterns.

■ Get more cash from our consignment program. If you want to sell a piece of jewellery that was not purchased from Golden Star, we can offer you a consignment service. We evaluate the piece, recondition it to make it look like new, and have it appraised (at our expense) to inform you of the current value. We will keep your item proudly on display and work with our network of jewelers and customers to sell it as quickly as possible. Once it sells, we will provide you with cash, a cheque or store credit. Our consignment fee is 25% at the time of sale. Contact us to schedule an appointment and free consultation.