Repairs and Cleaning

Drill Polishing Diamond Ring

At GOLDEN STAR JEWELLERY, we provide a range of services that our customers find invaluable. We want to make sure you leave happy and satisfied and do our utmost to ensure that happens every single time.

Jewelry Repair: All jewelry, precious metals, and gemstones are exposed to wear and possible damage. The industry experts recommend periodic examinations and maintenance, replacement of lost or chipped gemstones, refurbishing, and other forms of restoration or replacement of worn and damaged parts. Parts that receive the most wear include hinges and clasps, prongs and settings, ring shanks, bracelet links and chains.

Ring sizing: We will size gold and platinum rings to a larger or smaller size, plus we repair broken shanks and replace lost stones. We will inspect all prongs and tighten or re-tip prongs where necessary.

Jewelry Cleaning: We experts use a professional-grade steam cleaning, ultrasonic and polishing equipment to give your jewellery and watches a detailed cleaning.

Watch Battery: Goldens Star Jewellery change watch battery as well.